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A smooth hard panel, usually green or black, for writing on with chalk; a blackboard.


(Education) US and Canadian a hard or rigid surface made of a smooth usually dark substance, used for writing or drawing on with chalk, esp in teaching. Also called (in Britain and certain other countries): blackboard


(ˈtʃɔkˌbɔrd, -ˌboʊrd)

a blackboard, esp. a green or other light-colored one.
[1935–40, Amer.]
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Noun1.chalkboard - sheet of slatechalkboard - sheet of slate; for writing with chalk
flat solid, sheet - a flat artifact that is thin relative to its length and width
لَوْحُ الطباشير


[ˈtʃɔːkbɔːd] N (US) → pizarra f


(tʃoːk) noun
1. a white rock; a type of limestone.
2. (a piece of) a chalk-like substance used for writing (especially on blackboards). a box of chalks.
ˈchalky adjective
1. of or like chalk. a chalky substance.
2. white or pale. Her face looked chalky.
ˈchalkboard noun
a smooth board, usually green, for writing or drawing on with crayon or chalk.
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A classic gift that can be enjoyed by the whole family on Christmas Day and many to come is the Noughts and Crosses Chalk Board Game.
A third lounge is panelled from floor to ceiling in wood and Emmerich's study walls are covered with schoolroom chalk board.
Chalk Board Workshop - With Salvage NI Sat 9th April Workshops for Young People: Animation Film Directing (2day) Amma Sat 9th and 16th April Email: boxoffice@marketplacearmagh.
Up until now, these students have been learning computers theoretically on a chalk board.
The only disadvantage of our downstairs position - and one I still find a tad puzzling after numerous visits - is the fact that the menu is only available on a chalk board behind the main counter upstairs.
With rapid obsolesce of chalk board from educational institutes, Any-Board may be a better and cost effective replacement.
It is a big burden to keep on writing on a chalk board.
Little Tikes Town Playhouse WEATHER-PROOF plastic playhouse with four themed walls including a sports wall with a sports hoop, football net and targets for ball tossing, a petrol station wall with petrol pump and phone, grocery wall with a drive-through window and cash machine, and a school house with table and chalk board.
Summary: LONG BEACH - Engineering professor Donald Sadoway on Thursday used an old-school chalk board at the prestigious TED gathering to write the formula for a liquid battery that could one day cut the need for new power plants.
The design blends the contradictory concepts of the traditional butcher's chalk board, with innovation, whilst retaining recognisable elements of the brand for Powters' established markets.