Chalk drawing

(Fine Arts) a drawing made with crayons. See Crayon.
- Lowell.

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He has available Rossetti's large chalk drawing of 1868 of the Pre-Raphaelite beauty Jane Morris (2.
Chalk drawing is hardly a new art form, dating back at least to the Paleolithic era, also known as the Old Stone Age, which ended about 12,000 years ago.
He says he even completed the ink and chalk drawing upside-down to make it more authentic, because da Vinci was left-handed.
She also organized a competition among children with disabilities on chalk drawing on the ground.
For example, a red chalk drawing from the 1500s, believed to be a self-portrait, is at risk of vanishing.
To pass their exams, they must visit London destinations - though not jumping in a chalk drawing, or feeding the birds at St Paul's - in a certain amount of time.
Among his many works which feature the model are The Day Dream, held by the V&A, the chalk drawing Reverie - in the collection of the Ashmolean in Oxford, and La Donna della Finestra, the original of which is owned by Harvard University.
Visitors jostled one another in Broadgate to have a chance to look through a camera lens at a large, 3D chalk drawing on the pavement.
Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles anchored on the large-scale chalk drawing Man in Korean Costume created about 1617 by Flemish artist Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640).
She was also an artist who had her charcoal and chalk drawing displayed at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.
An image of Marilyn, photographed by Bert Stern during what became known after her death as ''the last sitting,'' lies, with her curvy, half-naked body, beside an 18thcentury chalk drawing of a sensual nude by Francois Boucher.
Pony rides, martial arts, dance, chalk drawing and other fun activities will take place at the Young Canadians Children's Area.