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a city in E France, on the Saône River. 56,194. Also called Cha•lon-sur-Saône (ʃæ lɔ̃ sürˈsoʊn)
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The flat expanse of country about Chalons lay a long heavy streak, occasionally made a little ragged by a row of poplar trees against the wrathful sunset.
One man slowly moving on towards Chalons was the only visible figure in the landscape.
Nos yfory Tair: Cariad Erin x yw'r ddrama dan sylw - drama sy'n dilyn hynt a helynt bywyd carwriaethol digrifwraig stand-up Gymraeg sy'n dal i dorri ei chalon wedi ysgariad.
Dans un groupe oE tout est deja joue, Chalon veut desormais finir en beaute a domicile face a une equipe qui ne l'avait battu que de justesse a l'aller, tout en preparant les futures echeances en Championnat.
LANGTREE has announced three new deals at its Chalon Way development, in St Helens, taking the site to 100% occupied.
Close behind comes the full gamut of top-flight kitchen companies who, in my opinion, include Chalon (Tel: 01458 254600 or www.
Chalon pansies, introduced this autumn, are a real novelty with delightful frilled edges to the petals giving a semi-double effect.
The technical challenges of HD and new multiformats place new demands on staff skills and can lead to costly on-air mistakes," said Jonathan Chalon, publisher of Broadcast Engineering.