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Noun1.Chamaecyparis - a genus of ChamaecyparisChamaecyparis - a genus of Chamaecyparis    
gymnosperm genus - a genus of gymnosperms
Cupressaceae, cypress family, family Cupressaceae - cypresses and junipers and many cedars
Atlantic white cedar, Chamaecyparis thyoides, coast white cedar, southern white cedar, white cypress, white cedar - slow-growing medium-sized cedar of east coast of the United States; resembles American arborvitae
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana, Lawson's cedar, Lawson's cypress, Oregon cedar, Port Orford cedar - large timber tree of western North America with trunk diameter to 12 feet and height to 200 feet
Alaska cedar, Chamaecyparis nootkatensis, Nootka cypress, yellow cedar, yellow cypress - tall evergreen of the Pacific coast of North America often cultivated for ornament
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Dynamics of decline and mortality of Chamaecyparis nootkatensis in southeast Alaska.
Chamaecyparis Pisifera Filifera Aurea is an interesting, moderategrowing tree 10m to 18m tall with golden, thread-like needles on drooping branches.
oxycedrus, Welwitschia mirabilis, and Chamaecyparis lawsoniana (Wagner et al.
Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Nana Lutea' is a slow grower with an upright form and golden yellow foliage.
Heartwoods of western redcedar, Port-Orford-cedar, Chamaecyparis lawsoniana (A.
Try something like Chamaecyparis 'Ellwoodi' or 'Ellwood's Gold', which are slow-growing enough to last a child's young years.
Chamaecyparis, a conifer in the cypress family, offers year-round visual interest, some screening and is great for the birds, said Paul, who enjoys looking for something slightly unusual.
Chamaecyparis Vintage Gold is a medium-sized evergreen whose foliage forms flat sprays.
Particleboard was fabricated using hinoki (Japanese cypress: Chamaecyparis obtsusa Endl.
The shopping list included one Amelanchier, one Cornus mas, five Viburnum, three Cornus alba, five Hydrangea macrophylla, three Hydrangea quercifolia, five Leucothoe, three Clethra, 12 Heuchera, 12 Liriope, 12 Athyrium, one Vinca minor, three Microbiota, six Pieris japonica, one Betula nigra, three Chamaecyparis `Pendula,' nine Astilbe and six Hakonechloa.
Chamaecyparis Minima Aurea has a mini-golden cone that's ideal for a small garden.