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n.1.(Zool.) The Angora goat. See Angora goat, under Angora.
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9 million, Abiyal Dogar to Chamal Road with the cost of Rs 179.
Tamaulipas: MUNICIPIO DE OCAMPO: SMBU BCBF 68-97, Chamal, 6 mi.
Former Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa, Ministers Sajith Premadasa, Mahinda Amaraweera and Dilip Vedaarachchi were entrusted with the task of identifying land for Chinese investments in Hambantota, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe disclosed.
XIX Perez Garcia 1900 El chamal lo "prenden por [1810]:61 el pecho con un alfiler Poeppig 1960 grande, que tiene en el [1829]:398, 399 remate una planchita, y le nombran tupu".
Following the tense situation in Parliament, Wickremesinghe was summoned by Speaker Chamal Rajapakse, who is also a brother of the former leader, to parliament to discuss on what basis the summons had been issued.
Speaker Chamal Rajapakse told parliament that investigators would now visit the former president, rather than insisting on him appearing before the commission on Friday to answer questions.
Three of his brothers held senior posts: Chamal was the speaker of the parliament; Basil was the minister for economic development while Gotabaya was in charge of defense and urban development.
In Chamal Frankenbach's article, the reader learns that Hanslick often expressed genuine admiration for the waltz both as a musical tradition and a social function, yet it was difficult for him to reconcile the physical experience of dance with the more educated mode of cerebral listening.
Sovereign Sports: Crowther, Whiteley, Hamilton, Willox, Stead, Chamal, Krol, Toner, Jackson, Armstrong (L), St Louis.
La ceremonie d'ouverture a ete marquee par un vibrant hommage rendu au maestro de la troupe des Hassada, Larbi Belwafi, ainsi par des prestations musicales du groupe Chamal de musique jabali.
He was speaking as he visited Sri Lankan parliament Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa, in the presence of MPs Hassan Al-Dussari, Hassan Bu-Khammas, Jawad Bu-Hussain and Bahraini Ambassador to India and Non-resident Ambassador to Sri Lanka Ghassan Adnan Shikhou.