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(ˈtʃɑ mɪk)
a group of Austronesian languages, including Cham and the languages of a number of other peoples of S central Vietnam and adjacent parts of Cambodia.
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Guerreiro suggests (1996) that the Ga'ay dialects show some similarity with the Chamic languages of Central Vietnam.
Guerreiro suggests (1996) that the Ga'ay dialects show some similarity to Edde/Rade, a Chamic language of the Central Vietnam highlands.
Life of luxury: Michael has a BMW and a 4x 4 Well heeled: Charles has a pounds 320,000 home; BEFORE:; Scotdem demolished the Meadowside Granary, top; AFTER:; Scotdem has gone but the firm's owners are now running Chamic
Angry creditors were shocked to find the Hunters had set up Chamic Demolition before Scotdem sank.
Heartwood constituents of Chamecyparis nootkatensis -- carvacrol, notkatin, and chamic acid.
Guerreiro suggests that their language, which is phonologically and lexically different from other Kayanic languages, shows some similarity to the Chamic group (Rhade) in Vietnam (1995: 8).
No Austroasiatic languages are spoken in island Southeast Asia today, although we know from the Chamic languages of Vietnam and the Sa Huynh culture that contact was extensive between the mainland and the islands.
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A cosmopolitan society with a romantic past; an economic and political itinerary of considerable interest to Islamists as well as Asianists; a complex social anthropology, and a distinctive language (strongly affined to the Chamic languages of Cambodia) and expressive tradition: how to do it all justice?
Last night, Ken Fish, secretary of the Scottish NFDC, said they would be investigating any improper claims of affiliation made by Chamic.
Heartwood constituents of Chamaecyparis nootkatensis--carvarcol, nootkatin and chamic acid.