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n.1.One who champs, or bites.
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So, if you don't manage to polish off a whole bottle of Champers this Valentine's Day, buy one of these.
A favourite Champers I tried at a festive tasting was Averys Special Cuvee A Brut.
surrounded by fake blood and fangs - when they could be sipping champers Up West is beyond us
1 g champers in eiving benefits s your 6am r work, how White Dee necking champers in Magaluf while receiving benefits for depression.
Without a wink of sleep, she was on a private jet, flying off to the party was still winding having drunk the equivalent shots of vodka and champers.
As stag parties go it all sounds a bit tame when set against a five-night trip to the Arctic, complete with a cross-country skiing expedition and champers and caviar at the North Pole.
It's all about the affluent who want comfy leather seats, no singing and a glass of champers to celebrate the death of the working man's game.
Insider wasn't lucky enough to be in row K with the champers, but fortunately defender Gerard Pique was on hand to capture the evidence on his phone.
Veuve Monsigny champagne This is one champers I would recomend for mixing with other liquids to make champagne cocktails rather than drinking on its own.
The popper involves one can of Sofia (as in Coppola, champers in a can) and a big shot of Patron Silver Tequila.
The London rapper was popping the champers after his single Written in The Stars went straight to No1.
Before we know it,he'll be sipping champers with So Solid Crew and taking Geri Halliwell's dog out for walks.