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n.1.(Law) One guilty of champerty; one who purchases a suit, or the right of suing, and carries it on at his own expense, in order to obtain a share of the gain.
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23) Other states bar champerty even if the champertor entered into the contract at the assignee's urging and for the best of intentions.
If the champertor has a contractual right to veto settlements, the plaintiff may decide to try an effective breach, or to bargain with the champertor for approval.
The court, however, has never directly ruled on the enforceability of a champertous contract formed between a plaintiff and a champertor other than the plaintiff's lawyer.
If the underlying claim results in no recovery, the champertor will have no need to enforce his champertous agreement, and if the underlying claim does result in a recovery, the fact of recovery will be enough to rebut the presumption of frivolousness and enforce the agreement.
More pointedly, why would a champertor ever invest in a frivolous claim?