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 (shäN-pô-lyôN′), Jean François 1790-1832.
French Egyptologist. Working from the Rosetta stone, in 1822 he became the first person to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics.


(French ʃɑ̃pɔljɔ̃)
(Biography) Jean François (ʒɑ̃ frɑ̃swa). 1790–1832, French Egyptologist, who deciphered the hieroglyphics on the Rosetta stone


(ʃɑ̃ pɔˈlyɔ̃)

Jean François (ʒɑ̃) 1790–1832, French Egyptologist.
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Noun1.Champollion - Frenchman and Egyptologist who studied the Rosetta Stone and in 1821 became the first person to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics (1790-1832)Champollion - Frenchman and Egyptologist who studied the Rosetta Stone and in 1821 became the first person to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics (1790-1832)
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Champollion deciphered the wrinkled granite hieroglyphics.
What Champollion will decipher this hieroglyphic for us, that we may turn over a new leaf at last?
The fact teaches him how Belus was worshipped and how the Pyramids were built, better than the discovery by Champollion of the names of all the workmen and the cost of every tile.
Contract notice: Supply and delivery of machines and special printing equipment for the jean-francois champollion high school lattes.
When I arrived at the scene around 8:30pm the crowd was in the thousands and growing larger by the minute, as more and more people arrived from Qasr Al-Nil, Champollion, and other streets feeding into Abdel Munim Riad Square.
The collections also include letters from Jean-Francois Champollion which shed light on the work of the man celebrated as the founding father of Egyptology.
com The next day we ventured east to Figeac, a handsome old town with a sloping square named after local scholar Jean-Francoise Champollion, who, in 1822, became the first man to translate Egyptian hieroglyphics.
Jean-Frangois Champollion (1790-1832) was a French classical scholar, philologist and orientalist.
Pride of place must go to Jean-Francois Champollion, the French scholar who first understood the strange symbols on the Rosetta Stone and thereby began the recovery of Egypt's incredible history - lost through ignorance of the Assyrian and Babylonian languages.
The French-born Jean-Francois Champollion, who deciphered the hieroglyphs, mentions an obscure sentence in the hieratic and hieroglyphic texts of the Rosetta Stone.
The discovery of the Rosetta Stone in Egypt's Western Delta in 1799 led to the deciphering of the hieroglyphic script by Jean-Francois Champollion since the three scripts on the stone, in hieroglyphic, demotic and Greek, conveyed the same information.