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Noun1.Chandi - malevolent aspect of Devi; "the fierce"
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His drama Sona Chandi was very popular, and he also translated poetry of Palestinian poets,' he added.
As one of the major and pioneering playwrights of PTV, he has to his credit popular plays such as Sauna Chandi, Jhok Sial, Jheel, Dasht, Ashiyana and Ye Kahani Nahin, He had also written long plays for PTV, Gumshuda and Khobsurat being the most popular among them.
They cited drama Sona Chandi, the most popular drama serial written by Munnoo Bhai.
The Cabinet has decided to take over Shri Mata Chandi Devi Temple, Chandi Mandir, Panchkula and Shri Durga Mata Mandir at Banbhori in Hisar district.
In my 40s, a beautiful, white Hungarian sheepdog named Chandi came into my life.
ARAB NEWS Oomman Chandi, former chief minister of Kerala, presented the Business Excellence Award to Shibu Mathew in the presence of K.
has been acquired by real estate broker and investor Surinder Chandi of Toronto, Canada.
In the drama serial 'Sona Chandi,' he played the character of 'Hameed Bhai,' which was a hit and is still remembered for its spontaneous verbal expression, Ghayyur also performed in many other TV shows such as 'Waris,' 'Piyas,' 'Khawaja and Sons,' 'Pathjhar' and 'Ainak Wala Jin.
One gets to see a two- storey non- descript residential building at 1/ 13- A, Olai Chandi Road front side of which is fully covered by Creeping Fig ( Ficus).
I have a simple way of segregating waste on a daily basis," said Chandi.
Beginning with a single store and now having 17 locations, Nachhattar Chandi owns the largest ARCO ampm in the world
The hybrid Chandi x Bt-cotton opened maximum bolls at 120 (DAP); CIM-496 x Bt-cotton recorded heavier bolls; Sadori x Sindh-1 produced maximum seed cotton yield per plant and scored next in bolls per plant; CRIS-134 x BH-160 ginned maximum GOT% and CRIS-134 x Bt-cotton measured longest staple.