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 (chŭn′dē-gər, chŭn′dĭ-gŭr′)
A city of northern India north of Delhi, laid out in the 1950s by a European team of architects led by Le Corbusier. It is the capital of two states, Punjab and Haryana, and straddles their border.


(Placename) a city and Union Territory of N India, joint capital of the Punjab and Haryana: modern city planned in the 1950s by Le Corbusier. Pop: 808 796 (2001), of city; 900 414 (2001), of union territory. Area (of union territory): 114 sq km (44 sq miles)


(ˌtʃʌn dɪˈgʌr)

a city and a union territory in N India: the joint capital of Punjab and Haryana states. 642,015; 44 sq. mi. (114 sq. km).
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Gender differences in emotional intelligence among adolescents of Chandigargh.
Other matches: Men: Punjab beat Chandigargh 68- 28; Chhattisgarh beat Andhra Pradesh 68- 61; Jharkhand beat Himachal Pradesh 67- 58; Uttar Pradesh beat West Bengal 80- 49; Maharashtra beat Jammu & Kashmir 72- 59; Assam beat Orissa 86- 60; Gujarat beat Mizoram 63- 42; Chandigarh beat Chhattisgarh 48- 47; Maharashtra beat Pondicherry 97- 50.
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