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 (shə-nĕl′), Gabrielle Bonheur Known as "Coco." 1883-1971.
French fashion designer famous for her tailored suits and dresses and for her line of perfumes, particularly Chanel No. 5.


(French ʃanɛl)
(Biography) Gabrielle (ɡabriɛl), known as Coco Chanel. 1883–1971, French couturière and perfumer, who created "the little black dress" and the perfume Chanel No. 5


(ʃəˈnɛl, ʃæ-)

Gabrielle, ( “Coco” ), 1882–1971, French fashion designer.
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If you're Cara D you spray it silver and team it with a drop-dead gorgeous Chanel suit.
CARA DELEVINGNE Chanel suit wasn't as eyecatching as the model having her shaven head painted silver
Among the clothes re-created for the film was the iconic pink Chanel suit Kennedy wore in Dallas on Nov.
Flashbacks take the viewers through her retelling, which do fall in line with actual historic facts, down to the blood-spattered pink Chanel suit that the former first lady refused to wash after her husband was shot in an open vehicle Nov.
A Chanel suit, for instance, easily costs north of P100,000-but it's business attire, right?
She opened her first store in 1910, then launched her first perfume and introduced the Chanel suit and little black dress a decade later.
But her life changed on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas, when an assassin's bullet killed her husband as she was sitting in a open-top car beside him and her pink Chanel suit was splattered with his blood.
23 ( ANI ): The pink Chanel suit that Jackie Kennedy wore on the day her husband and former US President John F Kennedy was assassinated in Texas, will no longer be available for public viewing until 2103.
No upwardly mobile woman felt dressed without a Chanel suit and pill-box hat.
She said Sean Connery's "conduit cut" suit by Saville Row tailor Anthony Sinclair from the 1960s films is "the men's equivalent of a Chanel suit," while a sharply cut tuxedo is so identified with the character it has become known as "the James Bond look.
My favourite look on her is a tweed mint green Chanel suit dress with a jacket on top.
She'd pull up in her '69 Camaro convertible wearing a Chanel suit, and I saw what a tough businesswoman she was," says Allon, who in 1997 founded The Murrayhill Co.