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 (shə-nĕl′), Gabrielle Bonheur Known as "Coco." 1883-1971.
French fashion designer famous for her tailored suits and dresses and for her line of perfumes, particularly Chanel No. 5.


(French ʃanɛl)
(Biography) Gabrielle (ɡabriɛl), known as Coco Chanel. 1883–1971, French couturière and perfumer, who created "the little black dress" and the perfume Chanel No. 5


(ʃəˈnɛl, ʃæ-)

Gabrielle, ( “Coco” ), 1882–1971, French fashion designer.
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Chanel sunglasses, $425, all from Saks Fifth Avenue.
We have Gucci, Prada, LV bags, Ray-Ban and Chanel sunglasses, Bulgari belts, Chanel perfumes," he said as he showed me around.
She got out of the car, pulled off her Chanel sunglasses and said, Elliott, what a pleasure to meet you.
Chanel Sunglasses at David Clulow worth pounds 215 ?
TRY: Retro-style round shades or these Chanel sunglasses pounds 284 from Blankstones, in Derby Square.
Marco Polo sunglasses, pounds 249, from Optimark, Bold Street Gucci sunglasses, pounds 240, from Flannels, Liverpool One Guess sunglasses, pounds 169, from Optimark, Bold Street Tom Ford sunglasses, (right), pounds 240, from Cricket, Mathew Street, and (left) Chanel sunglasses, pounds 200, from Silverberg, Whitechapel
You may know about rip-off Chanel sunglasses and Louis Vuitton handbags but what if a website offered you a pair of the latest must-have designer boots for a fraction of their usual cost?
Her classic stance is folded arms, fingertips tapping impatiently and if she removes her trademark black Chanel sunglasses, steely, unblinking eyes.
The haul includes fake Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo handbags as well as Christian Dior sneakers and Paul & Shark shoes, along with Oakley, Police and Chanel sunglasses.
displaying the Oakley or Chanel sunglasses purchased from a street vendor at a discounted price with the spending money you had entrusted to him or her.
By 2pm my cousin has won a pair of Chanel sunglasses in the raffle and is declaring it to be the best day of her life.