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 (chäng′cho͝on′) Formerly Hsin·king (shĭn′kĭng′, -gĭng′)
A city of northeast China south-southwest of Harbin. It was the capital of the Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo from 1932 until 1945. Changchun is the capital of Jilin province.


(ˈtʃæŋˈtʃʊn) or

Ch'ang Ch'un

(Placename) a city in NE China, capital of Jilin province: as Hsinking, capital of the Japanese state of Manchukuo (1932–45). Pop: 3 092 000 (2005 est)



the capital of Jilin province, in NE China. 2,110,000.
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Yan Hao and Meichen Zhou live in Chang Chun City in the Jilin province of China.
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Three Chinese Navy warships CHANG CHUN, JING ZHOU and CHAO HU were part of this task group under the command of mission commander Rear Admiral Shen Hao, Deputy Commander East Sea Fleet, Pakistan Navy news release said.
Duterte thanked China for inviting him to tour the Chinese Navy's flagship destroyer Chang Chun which had docked in Davao for a goodwill visit.
MHPS) has received an order for a steam turbine and generator set with a rated output of 49 megawatts (MW) for Chang Chun Petrochemical Co.
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So, that's why we have come here," said Chang Chun Hui, a Buddhist follower from Taiwan.
Kuokuang Petrochemical plans to lease 12 hectares of land in Taichung Harbor and join forces with a number of petrochemical firms, including Far Eastern Group, Chang Chun Group, China Man-Made Fiber, and Ho Tung Chemical, to develop high value-added petrochemical materials.
Tokyo, Japan, Jan 23, 2006 - (JCN) - Tokyo Ohka Kogyo (TOK) announced on January 23 that it will expand the LCD material lineup of Chang Chun TOK (Changshu), a joint venture it established with Changchun Petrochemical of Taiwan in October 2004.
STEPHEN MAGUIRE became the first Scot to win the IBSF World Amateur Championship when he defeated Luke Fisher 11-5 in Chang Chun, China, yesterday - but will return home to Glasgow under a cloud.