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(ˈtʃæŋˈdeɪ) ,




(Placename) a port in SE central China, in N Hunan province, near the mouth of the Yuan River: severely damaged by the Japanese in World War II. Pop: 1 483 000 (2005 est)



also Changteh

a city in N Hunan province, in E China. 301,276.
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HOLOTYPE: [male], CHINA, Hunan Province, Changde, Shimen, Hupingshan National Natural Reserve, Zhipeng River, 450 m, 6-VI-2008, Kuiyan Zhang (CAUC).
The accident happened last month, when Xie Wei, was at his work place in Changde, Hunan province of China.
The tugboats were selected for use by APM Terminals Bahrain, after successful trials were held at Damen Shipyards Changde in China, where both tugboats put in an exceptional performance.
The PuLi Hotel and Spa at 1 Changde Road (00 86 21 3203 9999; thepuli.
Damen will deliver the tugs on short notice 'from stock' from the yard in Changde, China.
Sampling information of the 7 Chinese goat breeds Breed name and index Number Collection location Tibet goat (TB) 45 Changdu City, Tibet Guizhou white goat (GZ) 38 Zunyi City, Guizhou Shannan white goat (SN) 48 Ankang City, Shaanxi Yichang white goat (YC) 44 Yichang City, Hubei Matou goat (MT) 42 Changde City, Hunan Changjiangsanjiaozhou 46 Nantong City, Jiangsu white goat (CSJ) Anhui white goat (AH) 39 Feidong county, Anhui Table 2.
She could recount how a mob destroyed the mission in Changde, even while serenely insisting that "the Lord has a purpose in all this.
Mai Mang (Yibing Huang) was born in Changde, Hunan, in 1967 and inherited Tujia ethnic minority blood from his mother.
Similarly, Furongwang, produced by the Changde Cigarette Group has been repackaged for sales in Hong Kong and south-east Asia.
Journal of Changde Teachers University (Natural Science Edition) 13(3):58-61.
For instance, in Changde (Hunan) local residents first formed a support group for the biological warfare lawsuits in 1996.
Then there was an unforgettable train journey to Changde to visit the peasants and the farmers and viewed with shock their living conditions.