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1.A key adapted to open only one of a set of locks; - distinguished from a master key.
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Aled admitted that one of his irritations was listening to a choir change key, say halfway through a piece - and the audience would applaud its approval, thus missing the joy of the music.
The abrupt change led to speculations that the Prime Minister also wants to change key bureaucrats appointed by Dar.
Much of the UK's employment law comes from the EU and Brexit has the potential to significantly change key areas, including discrimination rights, family leave and working time.
A mid-period review is not intended to re-open the price control (for example change key financial aspects such as the allowed cost of capital).
Markets have followed Fed speakers closely in recent weeks for clues on whether the US central bank will change key language in its post-meeting statement regarding how long it will keep benchmark interest rates near zero.
We cannot win (the fight to change key sections of the constitution)," Nyan Win told AFP, listing both the clause that bars Suu Kyi and the one that gives the military the final say on amendments.
The BSP did not change key overnight rates last October 23, however in recent months, it has tweaked the price they charge on SDA, increased reserve requirements for banks and raised interest rates by 50 basis points.
To enable innovation and drive core strategy, the business must remain agile, and crucial to this is the ability to easily change key underlying applications, services and processes used to make decisions, as well as process customer data effectively.
Contact center managers who oversee the enormous demands of running a contact center typically have concerns about changes that might jeopardize their department's performance metrics or change key processes.
The cloud is demonstrating its power to effectively change key performance indicators for our customers such as contact center profitability, agent effectiveness and customer retention and satisfaction.
The simple procedure enables customers to change key features of their account without needing to visit a Qtel shop or dial the Customer helpline on 111.
Change key building settings right from your web browser; Change desired indoor temperature (DIT); Apply Aquastat adjustments; Program desired cycle times; Real-time status of critical boiler information; Full system integration with the NEW USE-Controller (Next-Generation EMS); More intuitive, user-friendly layout and design--it has never been easier to track an entire portfolio; More actionable information, making it easy to address alerts immediately; Updated building profile pages, with more comprehensive details, keep all of the information you need to know in one place.