Change wheel

(Mech.) one of a set of wheels of different sizes and number of teeth, that may be changed or substituted one for another in machinery, to produce a different but definite rate of angular velocity in an axis, as in cutting screws, gear, etc.

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For example: - lifting and setting the deckhouse, - maintenance of deckhouse storage, - change wheel body, - repair outer skin, Voith space, - repair on-board crane.
Despite needing to change wheel early in the course and dealing with a problematic gear the rest of the way, the 30-year-old mustered enough strength to break away in the last eight kilometers to give the Filipinos their first title in the event in only their first try.
The 6-and 8-inch sizes allow for a leading or trailing brake with a change wheel brake option.
The 6- and 8-inch sizes allow for a leading or trailing brake with a change wheel brake option.
At this point, students are introduced to, and begin to conceptualize for themselves, other kinds of actions they might take in order to effect social change and move toward justice In such conversations, the Social Change Wheel (Appendix A) is an effective tool in diagramming clear and comprehensible examples.
Whatever you do and no matter how much you are implicated in sabotage acts, you will not stop the change wheel that has already moves forward and will never go back.
Stop the car, engine off, handbrake on, tools out of boot, take off hub cap with lever, loosen nuts first with wheelbrace, use the jack to lift the part of the car affected, take nuts completely off with the brace, change wheel and tighten up nuts, release the jack, give the nuts a final tighten, hub cap on and faulty wheel back in the boot.
When wheel sensors, in the form of tachometers mounted to axles, detect these conditions, they send signals to a microprocessor that calculates the amount of motor output that must be varied to change wheel speed.
CURIOUS Baboons crawl over motor PRIMATE CHANGE Wheel BALANCE Checking doors
Below, the Pole Position Challenge simulators allow drivers to test their skills while the Pit Stop Record sees teams racing to change wheels on Formula One cars
Al-Rajhi's goal at the start of the event was second overall and the Saudi and his German co-driver Timo Gottschalk performed admirably in their Overdrive Toyota Hilux to set the second quickest time and retain second place, although they also stopped on two occasions to change wheels.
Spain's Luis Leon Sanchez was already heading for victory when Wiggins, directing the Team Sky train at the front of the peloton, was forced to change wheels.