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also Chang·chow  (chäng′jō′)
A city of eastern China on the Grand Canal west-northwest of Shanghai.


(Placename) a city in E China, in S Jiangsu province, on the Grand Canal: also known as Wutsin until 1949, when the 7th-century name was officially readopted. Pop: 2 085 500 (2004 est)


or Ch'ang•chou


a city in S Jiangsu province, in E China. 531,470.
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Situated in Changsu Province, Jiangsu Yingyang Nonwoven Machinery Co.
Changsu Lee, 5Rocks' founder and CEO, and his team will join Tapjoy immediately and Lee will be appointed VP of publisher analytics and insights.
5-million, and it is building a new complex at Changsu (Jiangsu Province).
ScinoPharm is constructing a new R&D center in Changsu Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, China, with the first-stage construction expected to be completed by the fourth quarter.
Similarly, in the Changsu district under Suzhou city, of the 3,400 TVEs, over 1,500 had horizontal links with Shanghai, and in Wuxi municipal district, 2,055 NSEs were linked with urban SOEs.
The authors thank Krishna Erramilli, Kim Changsu, Inwoo Nam, the editors and two anonymous reviewers of mir for their insightful comments.
Discussing the future of US-China relations, Changsu Kim suggests that the US-China relationship will be more cooperative than confrontational.
The company's Changsu mill includes its own coal-fueled power plant, a water treatment plant, a harbor facility on the Pearl River, surrounding bamboo plantations to help yield pulp and fiber, and a large warehouse area to store the bales and bales of scrap paper that arrive to provide the pulping stock for the majority of the company's fiber needs.
The centre would reportedly be opened adjacent to UPM's Changsu mill in early 2007.
Rebuilds at Wisaforest's pulp mill and Rauma's PM 2 provided some of the highlights in the capex area, but this year UPM is looking forward to the summer startup of a new fine paper machine at Changsu in China.