Channel Islands National Park

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Noun1.Channel Islands National Park - a national park in California featuring sea birds and marine life
Calif., California, Golden State, CA - a state in the western United States on the Pacific; the 3rd largest state; known for earthquakes
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About 200 aspiring wildland firefighters all local military veterans will attend four days of wildland firefighting training from March 2-5 at Paramount Ranch in Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area and at Santa Cruz Island in Channel Islands National Park.
Whale watching excursions to the Channel Islands National Park are offered daily from Channel Islands Harbor and provide sightseers the best opportunities for viewing the whales, which are up to 50 feet long and weigh approximately 36 tons, as they travel south.
Santa Cruz Island is 25 miles off the coast of Southern California, part of Channel Islands National Park.
What happened in record time at Channel Islands National Park can serve as a model for partnership-driven conservation efforts across the country," Jewell said.
Channel Islands National Park consists of five islands--Santa Barbara, Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, and San Miguel.
Six of the islands became the Channel Islands National Park in 1980 and are now accessible to the public.
The five islands in Channel Islands National Park have undergone intense changes during the 34 years since designation of the park.
Unfortunately, northwest winds were gaining steam and whitecaps swept the Pacific as I set off on my circumnavigation of Channel Islands National Park.
Channel Islands National Park comprises five islands with abundant wildlife both above and below the surface of the water.
The prolific Boyle redeems himself by vividly evoking the natural beauty of San Miguel, now part of the Channel Islands National Park, making it alluring despite the Waterses' and Lesters' cautionary tales.
Santa Rosa Island, one of California's Channel Islands and part of the emerging Channel Islands National Park, has now been officially returned to "pre-European man" status.
Part of the Channel Islands National Park, Santa Cruz is a popular outdoor spot for Los Angeles-area campers, kayakers, snorkelers and hikers.

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