Channel bar

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(Arch.) an iron bar or beam having a section resembling a flat gutter or channel.

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The lower part of the Tredian Formation was deposited in the channel bar, mouth bar and delta lobe setting.
Options are listed in the channel bar on the left and Watches appear at the bottom of the channel bar.
There's a channel bar that gives you greater control over and retrieval of past searched streams, and it's in the channel bar that you can select RSS fields.
Given that by Monday morning the key moments of the game will have been shown on virtually every TV channel bar Al Jazeera and Shop America Plus, with all the main angles and even half-interesting quotes having been plastered exhaustively across the Sunday papers, journalists from the national dailies ritually stage a kind of post-match brainstorming session at which ideas are thrown up on themes for their own match reports.
The name of the mistake in question is Microsoft's Active Desktop - and its channel bar component in particular.
Unless you have a very fast Internet connection and at least 64MB of memory, your computer will slow down considerably as the Channel Bar is searching in the background while you work in the foreground.
3 ft) long and runs along an active lateral channel bar, the bulk of which consists of medium sands to medium gravels.
Tenders are invited for Supply of dual channel bar graph indicator for 3x210 mw, atps, anpara.
The tidally influenced shallow marine facies associations of the Dandot Formation and the fluvial channel bar and flood plain facies associations of the Warchha Sandstone.
In addition to the question of which browser to integrate with Quicken, the two companies were also negotiating for a position on the active desktop push channel bar on the Windows desktop.
Their primary products are re-bar, round bar, angle bar and channel bar.
Channel bar bent shelves out: channel model 25 min.