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n. pl. milkfish or milk·fish·es
A large silvery fish (Chanos chanos) of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, widely used for food.

[From its color.]


n, pl -fish or -fishes
(Animals) a large silvery tropical clupeoid food and game fish, Chanos chanos: family Chanidae



n., pl. -fish•es, (esp. collectively) -fish.
a tropical Pacific silvery food fish, Chanos chanos.
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Jim Chanos, Stanley Druckenmiller, Chuck Akre, Wences Casares, Thomas Gayner, John Hathaway, Michelle Leder, James Litinsky, Martin Wolf and James Grant.
Chanos, an American hedge fund manager, Kynikos Associates, which focuses on short selling, is a legacy tenant of 20 West 55th Street.
Jim Chanos, the founder of Kynikos Associates Limited, said he's maintaining short bets on China's banks and that the nation will have a "credit event" in five years as the country fails to keep the same pace of loan growth.
Chanos made his name as a financial detective and world-class short-seller a decade ago by refusing to be mesmerized by hype spewed by energy company Enron Corp.
8bn writedown on the deal because of alleged accounting irregularities at Autonomy, it appears Chanos - whose call to short Enron before the energy company collapsed in a corporate scandal may be his most famous trade - was more astute.
The sharp drop in JPMorgan's share price has lured many fund managers, including noted short seller Jim Chanos, whose Kynikos Associates Ltd.
Biologists and paleontologists synthesize recent research and the current understanding of such aspects as the early ossification and development of the cranium and paired girdles of Chanos chanos, a new teleostean fish from the Early Late Cretaceous (Cenomanian) off southeastern Morocco and its relationships with the ostariophysans, systematics and phylogenetic relationships of cypriniformes, the state of knowledge concerning siluriform higher-level phylogeny, and the mitochondrial phylogeny of the South American electric fish (gymnotiformes) and an alternative hypothesis for the otophysan historical biogeography.
Burton profiles 23 successful hedge fund advisors, both veterans and newcomers, including Michael Steinhardt, Julian Robertson, Lee Ainslie, Dwight Anderson, Jim Chanos, and Richard Perry.
While some locals are loyal to only La Taquiza or Chanos, most agree that the Chanos carne asada tacos and their odd drive-thru are worth the visit.
Alex Berenson, investigative reporter for the New York Times; Jim Chanos, famed short seller and founder of Kynikos Associates; and Nell Minow, editor and co-founder of The Corporate Library spoke against the motion.
Chanos, Stanley Druckenmiller, Thomas Gayner, John Hathaway, Michelle Leder, James Litinsky, Martin Wolf and James Grant
Tenders are invited for pangasius sutchii etroplus suratensis, chanos chanos, mugil cephalus etc