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also cha·pat·ti (chə-pä′tē)
n. pl. cha·pa·tis
A flat, unleavened, disk-shaped bread of northern India, made of wheat flour, water, and salt. Also called roti.

[Hindi capātī, from capānā, to press down, flatten, causative of capnā, to be pressed or flattened; akin to Prakrit cappaï, he presses; perhaps akin to Sanskrit carpaṭaḥ, flat of the hand, thin biscuit of flour (ultimately of non-Indo-Aryan origin) or to Tamil cappaṭṭai, anything flat, flatness.]


(tʃəˈpætɪ; -ˈpʌtɪ; -ˈpɑːtɪ) or


n, pl -ti, -tis or -ties
(Cookery) (in Indian cookery) a flat coarse unleavened bread resembling a pancake
[from Hindi]


or cha•pat•ti

(tʃəˈpɑ ti, -ˈpæt i)

n., pl. -ti, -tis, -ties.
a flat pancakelike bread of India, usu. of whole-wheat flour, baked on a griddle.
[1855–60; < Hindi capāti]
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Noun1.chapati - flat pancake-like bread cooked on a griddle
flatbread - any of various breads made from usually unleavened dough
Bharat, India, Republic of India - a republic in the Asian subcontinent in southern Asia; second most populous country in the world; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1947


chapatti [tʃəˈpætɪ, tʃəˈpɑːtɪ] N (chapat(t)i or chapat(t)is or chapat(t)ies (pl)) → chapatti m (en la cocina india, pan de forma achatada, sin levadura)
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CHAPPATI: A type of roti, chappati is a staple flatbread of India.
Lunch is usually an Indian chappati (flat bread) with vegetables or a pesto salad.
The citizens have voiced protest against this upswing in the price of atta by Rs 40 per bag fearing that the Nanbai will scale up the rate of per chappati by Rs 2.
The second most common complaint was decreased chewing efficiency especially while eating home-made bread or chappati.
Poor people normally eat boiled rice or wheat chappati with some chilly or pickle; dal and other protein foods like meat are beyond their means or forbidden religiously.
They were instructed in detail on the use of this flour for making standard, sweet and stuffed chappati (unleavened flatbread) / paratha (pan fried chapatti), pancakes, ladu (South Asian sweet), halwa (dense, sweet confection made from a variety of flours and nuts) and even pakoras (popped balls made from gram flour, spices and baking soda).
So when, some months ago, Shiv Sena MPs had forced a fasting Muslim caterer to swallow a chappati at lunch time during Ramzan for failing to serve Maharashtrian food in the Maharashtra Sadan canteen in New Delhi, I had asked what the party had done in Bombay to promote Maharashtrian cuisine over the years - traditional Maharashtrian restaurants have been fast shutting down over the past decade to be replaced by glossy and upmarket boutique restaurants serving Thai, Continental and other cuisines far removed from the traditional Maharashtrian fare and I have spotted many Shiv Sainiks happily patronising these places.
For example if the child took a complete chappati the size of the pre-measured plate size for chappati was shown as small (S) medium (M) or large (L) and the amount of dough size made (prior to making the chappati) was also shown to the participant.
14 Drain on kitchen paper and serve, hot with chappati and salad.
Vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes must be main course items with rice, or chappati / bread.
She went to the kitchen to heat the next chappati for him.