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Noun1.Characeae - green algae superficially resembling horsetail ferns: stoneworts
protoctist family - any of the families of Protoctista
Charales, order Charales - small order of macroscopic fresh and brackish water algae with a distinct axis: stoneworts
stonewort - any of various submerged aquatic algae of the genus Chara having nodes with whorled filamentlike branches; usually encrusted with calcium carbonate deposits
Chara, genus Chara - green algae common in freshwater lakes of limestone districts
genus Nitella, Nitella - fragile branching stoneworts
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Nomenclature follows Gleason and Cronquist (1991) for all taxa except the charophytes, which follow Daily's (1953) taxonomic treatment of the Characeae of Indiana with nomenclatural revisions where necessary.
As the results of plant macrofossil analysis mainly reflect species from local vegetation, it is not surprising that most of the seeds and vegetative parts belonged to the aquatic species: Ranunculus sect Batrachium, Characeae, Equisetum sp.
The water table continued to rise after that time, indicated by the presence of oospores of Characeae and seeds of Potamogeton and confirmed also by the presence of pollen of Myriophyllum and Potamogeton and non-pollen palynomorphs, such as algal Botryococcus and Pediastrum cf.
Other aquatic plants include Characeae, Cyperaceae, Myriophyllum, Rumax and Juncus.