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Noun1.Charadrii - shorebirds: plovers; sandpipers; avocets; phalaropes; coursers; stone curlews
animal order - the order of animals
Charadriiformes, order Charadriiformes - large diverse order of aquatic birds found along seacoasts and inland waters: shorebirds and coastal diving birds; most feed on anima life
limicoline bird, shore bird, shorebird - any of numerous wading birds that frequent mostly seashores and estuaries
family Scolopacidae, Scolopacidae - sandpiper family: sandpipers; woodcocks; snipes; tattlers; curlews; godwits; dowitchers
genus Himantopus, Himantopus - major one of two genera of stilts; similar to avocets but with straight bills
Cladorhyncus, genus Cladorhyncus - one of two genera of stilts; similar to avocets but with straight bills
family Recurvirostridae, Recurvirostridae - long-legged shorebirds
family Glareolidae, Glareolidae - Old World shorebirds: pratincoles and coursers
Burhinidae, family Burhinidae - large wading birds resembling the plovers: stone curlews
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If delayed plumage maturation was lacking in the shorebird ancestor, optimization indicated that it arose at least twice, once in Cepphus grylle and once in the most recent common ancestor of Strauch's (1978) plover/gull and sandpiper clades (the Charadrii and Scolopaci, respectively).