Charcoal drawing

(Fine Arts) a drawing made with charcoal. See Charcoal, 2. Until within a few years this material has been used almost exclusively for preliminary outline, etc., but at present many finished drawings are made with it.

See also: Charcoal

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Apart from House of Letters, McConnon will also showcase Lost Communication, a large-scale charcoal drawing of worm and rusted post boxes.
Spokesman Laurence Carpenter said: "We will be displaying a collection of signed David Bowie lithographs - including his own charcoal drawing for an album press launch - alongside rare finds from Rihanna, Noel Gallagher and Lady Gaga.
NWMAT Bus, Birdwatching with RSPB, Cambria Band, Drum Workshop, Charcoal Drawing, Facepainting, Mining Displays, Refreshments.
Contract awarded for Instructors for charcoal drawing lessons during p4 art lessons in henry park primary school
There is a huge expanse of empty beige wash on both pages contrasted with Greder's trademark bleak charcoal drawing in the foreground.
Charcoal drawing This is my favourite artwork in the house.
Recent acquisitions to its collection of over 400 works (painting, sculpture, lithography, tapestry, installations and drawings) include the Belgian artist Fabrice Samyn's You are the light of the World; Willy Anthoons' Altar Cross (1966), Roger Bonduelle's Christ on the Cross, the American artist Gary Weisman's A Bearer and Albert Servaes' Christ on the Cross, a large charcoal drawing.
Jackie was an accomplished artist in oil painting and charcoal drawing.
The second prize of PS5,000 was won by a video work called Interior (Utopia) by Marie von Heyl, while two student awards of PS2,000 each went to Kristian Fletcher for his pen, pencil and charcoal drawing The Wrench and Tamsin Nagel for her pencilon-paper drawing Enclave.
On the right, we present for the first time in print an original charcoal drawing by G.
Her latest works, including a striking charcoal drawing of Dinas Cromlech (pictured right), are on show at her own gallery, Oriel Alison Bradley, Betws-y-Coed, until October 31.
I found the horrible image on the internet, made a large charcoal drawing of it on.