Charcoal drawing

(Fine Arts) a drawing made with charcoal. See Charcoal, 2. Until within a few years this material has been used almost exclusively for preliminary outline, etc., but at present many finished drawings are made with it.

See also: Charcoal

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A shaded charcoal drawing of a bison is superimposed upon claw marks on a wall perpendicular to the lion panel (Chauvet et al.
Aside from a charcoal drawing from 1940, the McCosh paintings in this show date to the 1950s and 1960s, which Saydack considers the artist's "greatest and most distinctive period.
Recent acquisitions to its collection of over 400 works (painting, sculpture, lithography, tapestry, installations and drawings) include the Belgian artist Fabrice Samyn's You are the light of the World; Willy Anthoons' Altar Cross (1966), Roger Bonduelle's Christ on the Cross, the American artist Gary Weisman's A Bearer and Albert Servaes' Christ on the Cross, a large charcoal drawing.
The exhibit includes art from 14 employees and nine alumni in: all different mediums including oil painting, ceramics, digital photography, charcoal drawing, mixed media, and more.
Jackie was an accomplished artist in oil painting and charcoal drawing.
He demonstrated his charcoal drawing abilities during the event in a very limited time.
Similar to a charcoal drawing, visual interest is accomplished through changes in value and contrast.
The second prize of PS5,000 was won by a video work called Interior (Utopia) by Marie von Heyl, while two student awards of PS2,000 each went to Kristian Fletcher for his pen, pencil and charcoal drawing The Wrench and Tamsin Nagel for her pencilon-paper drawing Enclave.
On the right, we present for the first time in print an original charcoal drawing by G.
The goal is to teach charcoal drawing, which is a specialised art media.
The three oils on canvas and a charcoal drawing from the Roberts' family collection are expected to fetch more than PS10,000.
Experienced artist Eric Gaskell won with his colourful, assured linocut of Braunston Dry Dock, and Rebecca Roberts's huge photo-realist charcoal drawing Eudy Similane won the Rugby Decorative and Fine Arts Society prize.