Charge and discharge

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(Equity Practice) the old mode or form of taking an account before a master in chancery.
(Equity Practice) See under Charge, n.

See also: Charge, Discharge

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These risks and uncertainties include, without limitation, the risk that NanoSafe batteries will perform differently in extended road tests or in actual usage than in laboratory tests and possibly exhibit charge and discharge rates that differ from those suggested by laboratory testing; that markets for potential products using NanoSafe batteries, many or which are small or non-existent, will not expand or come into existence as expected; that even if a significant market evolves, that competing products will capture a dominant market position; and that even if NanoSafe batteries capture significant market position, production and overheard costs may exceed associated revenue.
The critical requirement to enable commercialization of rapid charge and discharge lithium ion batteries is new electrolyte materials that can withstand the higher temperatures caused by faster charge and discharge cycles.
The bq2060 uses a low-power V-to-F converter to measure battery charge and discharge with an offset of less than 25-micronV after circuit calibration.