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Noun1.Charina - boas of western North AmericaCharina - boas of western North America  
reptile genus - a genus of reptiles
Boidae, family Boidae - boas and pythons
Charina bottae, rubber boa, tow-headed snake - boa of grasslands and woodlands of western North America; looks and feels like rubber with tail and head of similar shape
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Unlike white rice, which is almost purely carbohydrate, brown rice still contains dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, Charina Javier of FNRI said.
The report was sponsored by the Blue Shield of California Foundation, the Charina Endowment Fund, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
Charina Pinto, Filipino mother of two, said that her family will be watching Modhesh Circus, the Stolen Smile Circus Show and its Musical Show.
was presented with the opportunity to participate in the event by its Human Resource Director, Charina Hansen.
Charina Gray, 1849 (Boidae: Erycinae) from the Pleistocene of California.
Eryx, Charina, Lichanura, and Tropidophis) as trunk vertebrae of these small to medium-sized boids are unlike those of palaeopheid snakes in several features.
The Rubber Boa, genus Charina (Squamata:Boidae), is composed of a single Miocene species, Charina probottae, that occurs from the early Hemingfordian to the early Hemphillian of western North America (Holman 1979; Parmley and Holman 1995) and a single modern species, Charina bottae that is restricted to the United States west of the Rocky Mountains and in extreme southwestern Canada (Stebbins 1985).
In order to showcase the essence of Digital Fashion Week and engage with the global fashion audience, it is vital to have our content available on Smart TVs, says Charina Widjaja, Business Development Director of Digital Fashion Week.
The report was sponsored by the Blue Shield of California Foundation, Charina Endowment Fund, Inc, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
Nine-year-old Charina McLeod, from West Denton in Newcastle, has her own plot of land in the allotment of award-winning dad Billy.
Company: Ambergris Solutions Booth: 947 Media Contact: Charina G.