Charles M. Schulz

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Noun1.Charles M. Schulz - United States cartoonist whose comic strip included the beagle Snoopy (1922-2000)
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The popular aviator lands in Elmhurst this spring when a new national traveling exhibition from the Charles M.
Franklin's careful rollout and nice-guy equanimity were very much by design, as '50 Years of Franklin', a new exhibition at the Charles M.
Celebrating Peanuts: 65 Years is a deluxe paperback compilation of specially chosen strips from the long-running, universally beloved "Peanuts" newspaper comic created by Charles M.
All his life he tried to be a good person," begins the famous quote by Charles M.
Best known for his visual subject matter inspired by legendary Peanuts[c] creator Charles M.
New York, Dec 7 ( ANI ): The love letters that 'Peanuts' creator Charles M.
Schulz's pride in his own small role in World War II, and his devotion to honoring his fellow GIs, outlive him as part of the Charles M.
is an exhibition of original panels drawn by the late Charles M.
Michaelis, a noted biographer and journalist, offers this comprehensive and detailed account of Charles M.
In the days leading up to an auction to benefit the creation of art scholarships for local students, as well as the construction of a bronze statue of Charlie Brown and Linus for the Charles M.
WASHINGTON: The US is to award posthumously its top civilian honour - the Congressional Gold Medal - to the late Peanuts comic strip creator Charles M.