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Noun1.Charles Follen McKim - United States neoclassical architect (1847-1909)Charles Follen McKim - United States neoclassical architect (1847-1909)
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At a time when New York was reaching skyward, Charles McKim designed a classically proportioned temple to the modern railroad that evoked the most impressive civic buildings he had studied in Europe.
MORNINGSIDE HEIGHTS CAMPUS OF COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY Charles McKim, of Scottish descent, was senior partner in McKim, Mead and White, the top architectural firm in the US at the turn of the 20th century.
Morgan also displayed the technology in the library adjacent to his home, which was designed by architect Charles McKim and built in 1906.
The Gilded Age's legendary architecture firm, made up of Charles McKim, William Mead and Stanford White, built some of the most recognized structures along the East Coast and associated with some of the most prominent figures of their time.
Even the setting, the American Academy in Rome, evoked the importance of happenstance in historical narrative: Among other uncanny coincidences, the architect of the building, Charles McKim, was the son of abolitionists who attended Brown's execution and aided his widow in claiming his body and giving him a proper burial.
I-he setting was designed by the architect Charles McKim of McKim, Mead & White, who also came from a family of committed abolitionists.