Charles Peirce

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Noun1.Charles Peirce - United States philosopher and logician; pioneer of pragmatism (1839-1914)
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Desde Charles Peirce en adelante, pasando por la obra de Austin, Searle y Grice, el enfasis se ha puesto en los aspectos pragmaticos.
In order to help instructors work with religion as a subject of inquiry in first-years composition courses, Wagner draws on central ideas of such American pragmatists as Charles Peirce, William James, and John Dewey to frame an approach that combines real-world experience, active reflection, possibility, usefulness, and mediation as opposed to compromise.
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Strands of system: the philosophy of Charles Peirce.
Lilia Leticia Garcia Pena, siguiendo a autores como Charles Peirce, distingue el icono del simbolo.
Building upon the work of Charles Peirce, particularly his theory of the logic of science, Mr Turley argues for a new model of scientific lawmaking.
Champagne, Marc (2006), "Some Convergences and Divergences in the Realism of Charles Peirce and Ayn Rand," The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies 8(1): 19-39.
Schloesser identifies experience, realism, and determinism as the three key concerns of William James, John Dewey, and Charles Peirce.
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Este conjunto de rasgos nos introduce en la medula del pensamiento pragmatista clasico y nos ofrece un panorama amplio de las razones por las cuales filosofos como Charles Peirce y William James se han dado en llamar pragmatistas.
Following Christ's directive, "By their fruits you will know them," pragmatists trace out the logical consequences of ideas--even if often with less stringency than did Charles Peirce, the "father" of pragmatism.