Charles the Great

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Charles the Great

(Biography) another name for Charlemagne


(ˈʃɑr ləˌmeɪn)

( “Charles the Great” ) A.D. 742–814, king of the Franks 768–814; as Charles I, first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 800–814.
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Noun1.Charles the Great - king of the Franks and Holy Roman EmperorCharles the Great - king of the Franks and Holy Roman Emperor; conqueror of the Lombards and Saxons (742-814)
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One of the group's most successful representatives in recent times was the Baldingtrained Charles The Great, who won the 2011 Weatherbys Super Sprint.
2014 Opening Ceremony) occasion of the exhibitions: 1 200 Year of death of Charles the Great Exhibition Title and Place - The places of power.
That race is traditionally something of a burn-up and Mention found the pace too hot - but she was hampered late on and is better than her 13th of 25 behind Charles The Great might suggest.
Joint favourite Lily's Angel failed by just a short head to catch Charles The Great who had been up in front from the start.
CHARLES The Great showed plenty of speed to land an allthe-way success in the Weatherbys Super Sprint at Newbury.
Charles the Great, who lived from 742 to 814, is better known by what name?
Let the figures be the Hungarian king and his brother: Laszlo and Salamon, or Talandus and Charles the Great, the scheme is the same: the internecine fight.
2044: Charles the Great and his scholars: 1200 years after Alquinus
Charlemagne, whose name means Charles the Great, easily defeated the pope's enemies and quickly restored order in Rome.
Francois was also assimilated with a Gallic ruler who was venerated in France, for the kneeling king in The Coronation of Charles the Great, a Vatican mural designed by Raphael in 1516 for the Stanza dell'Incendio, bears his facial features.
Al Donald of SackvilleDonald has had great success buying for Hong Kong, highlights including Charles The Great, who won the Super Sprint at Newbury for Andrew Balding.
So, those carrying more can go as can all of those covered by our other restrictions, which means we are looking at a shortlist covering only four horses, Charles The Great, Lily's Angel, On The Dark Side and Sweet Chilli.