Charles Martel

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Charles Mar·tel

 (mär-tĕl′) Known as "the Hammer." 688?-741.
Frankish ruler of Austrasia (715-741) who in 732 halted the European invasion of the Moors. His grandson was Charlemagne.

Charles Martel

(Biography) grandfather of Charlemagne. ?688–741 ad, Frankish ruler of Austrasia (715–41), who checked the Muslim invasion of Europe by defeating the Moors at Poitiers (732)

Charles′ Mar•tel′

(mɑrˈtɛl) n.
a.d. 690?–741, ruler of the Franks 714–741 (grandfather of Charlemagne).
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We thus now know him as Charles Martel; which translates into Charles the Hammer.
Just as the Muslims had invaded Europe from the west in the days of Charles the Hammer, now they are pushing toward it from the east.
Born in AD 742 (or perhaps 743), Charlemagne was the son of Pippin the Short, the founder of the Carolingian dynasty, and the grandson of Charles the Hammer, who inaugurated the era of Carolingian conquest but never wore the crown.