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n. pl. Charolais
1. Any of a breed of large white beef cattle developed in France.
2. A semisoft French cheese made of a blend of cow's milk and goat's milk.

[French, after Charolles, a town in the Burgundy region of eastern France.]


(Breeds) a breed of large white beef cattle that originated in France
[C19: from French: named after Monts du Charollais, E France]


(ˌʃær əˈleɪ)

also Cha•ro•laise


one of a breed of large white or cream-colored beef cattle, orig. of France, often used in crossbreeding.
[1890–95; < French: from the town of Charolles (Saône-et-Loire) and le Charolais its environs]
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Noun1.Charolais - large white or cream-colored breed from France
beef, beef cattle - cattle that are reared for their meat
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Breeds needed are Texel, Suffolk, Charollais, Meatlinc, Hampshire Down, Blue Texel, Bleu Du Maine, Poll Dorset and Beltex.
A top price of PS1,100 was achieved for a Charollais Bull with the cows topping at PS960/hd.
Dutch Texel 263 245 223 Beck Farm 223 Red Flatt 221 Lords Close Suffolk 237 233 227 225 x 2 214 Bassenthwaite Hall Millenium Bleu 229 224 213 High Plasketlands Rouge 227 Jenkin Cross Charollais 215 Spring Hill 213 Red Flatt 200 Newby Hall Mule 205 Hudscales.
Bryncir, Fri, Sept 7 Remarks Shows and sales for the North Wales Suffolk Sheep Breeders Association, and the Charollais Sheep Society.
A Charollais ewe called Dalby Champagne, owned and bred by Charles Sercombe of Melton Mowbray, was chosen as Champion of Champions.
Dozens of top-quality rams were on offer, including breeds like Texals and Suffolk Charollais.
BREEDING RAMS (79): A good selection of rams forward saw a top price of PS460 for a Charollais X Texel yearling from Jenkins, Woodpark, who also sold a Beltex X yearling at PS410, Charollais yearling at PS320 and older Charollais rams at PS440 and PS290; other leading prices at PS330 for Blue Faced Leicester yearlings from Lloyd, Cilshafe Isaf, who also sold another at PS290; PS315 for a Blue Faced Leicester yearling from Price, Penralltwen; PS300 for a Texel yearling from Williams, Treale.
SECTION PRICES Charollais MV: Sh rams (94) to 980gns, av PS605.
Top price of 420 guineas was shared between two vendors Ralph Alderson, The Beeches, Carthorpe and Cyril Dougherty all the way from Flamingo Land, North Yorkshire; both men familiar to the Charollais breed were on this occasion selling a Texel.
Interbreed winner was a Charollais shearling ewe from Carol Watson, Northants, who has now won the supreme sash at the Primin on seven occasions in 24 attempts.
The youngster from Machen was given nine pedigree Charollais ewes as a 10th birthday present last October.