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Noun1.royal charter - a charter granted by the sovereign (especially in Great Britain)
charter - a document incorporating an institution and specifying its rights; includes the articles of incorporation and the certificate of incorporation
Britain, Great Britain, U.K., UK, United Kingdom, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - a monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles; divided into England and Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland; `Great Britain' is often used loosely to refer to the United Kingdom
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One reason of applying for chartered status was to raise the profile, reputation and credibility of the Learned Society and its fellows and to provide a clear differentiating recognition from other charities.
The team, which last year was named UK Firm of the Year at the Sesame Bankhall Awards, was one of the first Welsh IFAs to achieve chartered status.
At Naylors I am learning from some of the region's best property professionals, which I am sure will help me with my next challenge to achieve chartered status through the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.
In 1980 he became a member of the Royal Town Planning Institute, gaining chartered status.
Prof Gregory was president of the Institute of Public Relations - as it then was - in 2004, when she instigated the demanding process of achieving chartered status because she said the public relations profession had come of age.
This will help me gain knowledge across all areas, helping me in any future role after I hopefully gain my chartered status.
The former is the date when Her Majesty's Privy Council formally granted permission for the Institution to award Chartered Status to product designers.
When your employees have chartered status, it demonstrates that your organisation employs fully competent scientists, and inspires confidence that the company operates to the highest standards.
A SECOND-generation financial planning boss is carrying on his "inspirational" father's legacy - after the Redcar firm achieved much-coveted Chartered status, the industry's gold standard of excellence and integrity.
At present working towards achieving Chartered status, she concentrates on advising corporate and high net worth customers in protection, investment, pension and taxation.
Increasingly RICS standards of professionalism for chartered surveyors are being recognised by governments and regulatory bodies and the requirement for chartered status is now finding its way into government specifications, as is the case in Qatar.
Chartered status is an exclusive title only awarded to firms which meet rigorous criteria relating to professionalism and capability.

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