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n.1.Same as Chartist.
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elds Farm is in Fockbury Road, Dodford, a charterist village dating back to the 19th century, which has a church, school, nursery, village hall and pub.
the mandate of the formation of Cosas was to revive the so-called progressive movement aligned to the so-called Charterist Movement.
25) The National Forum was inaugurated in Pretoria in June 1983, two months before the United Democratic Front was launched, and it opposed the United Democratic Front and the Charterist view of national liberation.
In their endeavors, many of the Czech refugees turn to the Charterists, the famous human rights movement of 77 for inspiration; they think that most of these dissidents are now living safely in the West.
For example, Burman and Scharf (1990: 726-730) describe the political cleavages that developed between Black Consciousness supporters and Charterists in the Youth Brigade People's Court.