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v. chasten.
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Farr be it, that I should write thee sin or blame, Or think thee unbefitting holiest place, Perpetual Fountain of Domestic sweets, Whose Bed is undefil'd and chast pronounc't, Present, or past, as Saints and Patriarchs us'd.
Chast expanded it to include guidebook staples--how to find food, housing and entertainment--presented with a slightly twisted, New York sense of humor.
An only child, Chast felt very much the outsider to her parents' soul-mate coupledom.
The New Yorker piece begins with Chast's family's shared complicity in avoiding talk of the future, then moves rapidly through her parents' difficult childhoods; their hoarding tendencies, trust issues, and increasing inability to care for themselves; the euphemistic absurdity and painful necessity of moving them into assisted living, or "The Place," as Chast labels it; her father's surrender to death; her mother's persistent refusal to die; and her parents' cremains, which she still keeps in her clothes closet.
So I got David Levine and Ed Sorel, and I think Roz Chast,
You know a Roz Chast character when you see one: a person, often on a sofa, whose bemused, slightly off-kilter expression suggests some deeper angst or anger.
They are about the size of a hemp seed, and they infect young people, who are inclined to venery and fruitful, but chast withal and continent'.
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But pure affections bred in spotlesse brest, and modest thoughts breathd from wel tempred sprites, goe visit her in her chast bowre of rest, accompanyde with angelick delights.
Cyn ymuno chast Rownd a Rownd bu Elen yn actio ar Pobol y Cwm, yn ogystal ag ymddangos ar raglen Ysgoloriaeth Urdd Gobaith Cymru Bryn Terfel 2011 y llynedd.
MK: A, der Lord, yf I go arayd on other maner than other chast [chaste] women don, I drede that the pepyl wyl slaw[n]dyr me.
Similar problems occurred within the confines of the court itself Joseph Rutter may have claimed in the epilogue to The Shepheards Holy-Day (1634) that Charles and Henrietta Maria had taught the world "that chast innocuous sports become the stage/ No lesse than civill manners do the age," yet even in the court masque--that most carefully structured of all theatrical entertainments--things could go wrong.