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v. chasten.
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Farr be it, that I should write thee sin or blame, Or think thee unbefitting holiest place, Perpetual Fountain of Domestic sweets, Whose Bed is undefil'd and chast pronounc't, Present, or past, as Saints and Patriarchs us'd.
An only child, Chast felt very much the outsider to her parents' soul-mate coupledom.
His plea that Cynthia "the chast wombe informe with timely seed" (386) is prefaced by a reminder of her own dalliance with Endymion, the "Latmian shephard" who, in this account, seduced her with "a fleece of woll" (380, 379).
We plan to discuss text-image projects our Composition students have developed, which have included: works inspired by Rene Magritte paintings, Joseph Cornell boxes, and Saul Steinberg and Roz Chast cartoons; short stories that knit together invented narratives based on photos viewed at the Museum of Contemporary Photography; Arcimboldo-inspired self-portraits with accompanying texts; and collaborative works with classmates, such as Rube Goldberg-inspired inventions with accompanying sets of "imaginative" instructions.
Gosduma Prinyala Chast Grazhdanskogo Kodeksa, Zashchishchayushchuyu Avtorskie Prava [State Duma Adopts the Part of the Civil Code Protecting Authors' Rights] RIA NOVOSTI NEWS AGENCY (Nov.
In her chast arms th'Eternal Infant lies, Th'Almighty voice changed into feeble cryes.
I could imagine her as a Roz Chast cartoon of a harried, type-A mom driving herself crazy reading parenting books and taking them way too seriously.
That was the task of the Kulturno-Vospitatelnaya Chast (the Cultural Education Department, shortened to Kvch).
Be thou as chast as Ice, as pure as Snow, thou shalt not escape
Margery herself recognized the challenge her clothing presented to the normative order, fearing that if she was "arayd on other maner than other chast women don" (734), she would be slandered.
Too many modern couples were willing "to gratify their vitious Part in the formality of a legal Appointment," he wrote, without "one Ounce of Affection, not a Grain of original, chast, and rivetted Love, the Glory of a Christian Matrimony, and the essential Happiness of Life.