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A town of northern France on the Marne River east-northeast of Paris. Nearby, the second Battle of the Marne (July-August 1918) was fought, ending the last major German offensive in World War I.


(ˈʃætəʊˈtɪərɪ; French ʃɑtotjɛri)
(Placename) a town in N central France, on the River Marne: scene of the second battle of the Marne (1918) during World War I. Pop: 14 967 (1999)


(ʃæˈtoʊˌti əˈri, -tyɛˈri, ʃɑ-)

a town in N France, on the Marne River: World War I battles. 13,856.
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Noun1.Chateau-Thierry - a World War I battle in northwestern France where the Allies defeated the Germans in 1918Chateau-Thierry - a World War I battle in northwestern France where the Allies defeated the Germans in 1918
First World War, Great War, War to End War, World War 1, World War I - a war between the allies (Russia, France, British Empire, Italy, United States, Japan, Rumania, Serbia, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Montenegro) and the Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, Bulgaria) from 1914 to 1918
France, French Republic - a republic in western Europe; the largest country wholly in Europe
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As for me," said La Fontaine, "they love me at Chateau Thierry, I am very sure.
operations in France have heard of Chateau Thierry, Belleau Wood, and the defense of the Mame, Lengel also covers lesser-known actions--the first bloodletting at Cantigny in May, the limited offensive at Soissons, the Aisne-Mame campaign, and the frustration and failure at Fismette.
Thus the "Big Red One" and the other American divisions got to the front intact and fought at Chateau Thierry and other critical battles in the last year of the war.
The Bull Terrier was ultimately named a hero, to the point where, after the liberation of Chateau Thierry, - one of the first actions of the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF) under General John J.
The Germans reeled away from the surprisingly aggressive Aussies and drove into what they saw as easier avenues around Chateau Thierry and Belleau Wood.