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A city of southern Ontario, Canada, on the Thames River east of Detroit, Michigan.
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Celebrating and promoting multiculturalism within the Chatham-Kent community is an important initiative, one to which Scribendi hopes to contribute by proudly displaying its Chatham-Kent Welcome Network membership sticker for customers and employees to see.
We appreciate the support we have received from Chatham-Kent for this project, which will provide many benefits in the Municipality including job creation, business for local contractors, property tax revenue, and a $4 million community benefits contribution," said Mike Garland, President and CEO of Pattern Development.
Chatham-Kent has found that the initial phases of enterprise-wide GIS implementation have benefited the organization in profound ways.
This was not possible for Chatham-Kent because of the large number of constituent municipalities (twenty-two).
This year, the company created a Heritage Tree Project to nominate native and well-known trees in the Chatham-Kent area.
We re very short on details as far as the specifics and what Chatham-Kent will be eligable for.
The project will also bring significant community benefits and generate substantial tax revenues for the Municipality of Chatham-Kent over the next 20 years, benefiting local schools and the overall community.
Federal Justice Pinard ruled last June 20 that the case brought by CKCN and the Chatham-Kent municipality against the federal government can go to trial.
The solar PV systems, being installed on commercial rooftops in Chatham-Kent and Ottawa, Ontario, have been funded by the Ontario Feed-In Tariff (FIT) program.
QPS are proud members of the Chatham-Kent Home Builders Association, the HRAI (Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada), Chatham-Kent Mechanical Contractors Association and TSSA (Technical Safety Standards Authority).
CIA will deploy the angel systems as an integral part of its new airNET service, which will bring high-speed Internet access to thousands of business and residential users in the Chatham-Kent area.
In this regard, Chief Fontaine commended the Friends of Caldwell group who have interacted with local leaders and politicians in the south Chatham-Kent area, with the aim of promoting a common understanding with their First Nations neighbors.