n.1.(Zool.) A small South American species of tiger cat (Felis mitis).
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Tenders are invited for Construction Of Link Road Kapatangunj Nauringia Road To Gharwasi Chati Tola In Year 2015-2016 In Kushinagar.
He said that the sports day would be a colourful event wherein various games like Chati race, three leg race, back race, musical chairs, band march and gol gappay eating competitions would be held.
Madis Ratassepp (a), Aleksander Klauson (a), Farid Chati (b), Fernand Leon (b) and Gerard Maze (b)
The towns and villages facing a flood threat include Leo, Sumdo (in Lahul and Spiti), Khab, Dubling, Spillow, Powari,Tapri, Nathpa, Kaksthal, Choling (army establishments), Wangtu, Bhaba Nagar (in Kinnaur), Katalu, Jagatkhana, Chati, Bro, Nogli, Duttnagar, Nirsu, Nirath , Luhari and Bahna ( in Shimla district).
Chati and Kehoe (2007) provide a theoretical discussion of what they call a free-rider problem among members of a monetary union in their fiscal and regulatory policies, caused by an inability of the monetary authority to commit to their policies.
Wu Yadong, Xinjiang Shouli Yigan Jiuye Qishian Yishen Yuangao Baisu: Danwei Chati Bushu Qinfan Yinsi [Plaintiff Loses Xinjiang's First Hepatitis B Employment Discrimination Case: Work Unit Checking Medical Exam Does Not Amount to Invasion of Privacy], FAZHI RIBAO, May 19, 2009, http://news.
Chati Z, Bruntz JF, Ethevenot G, Aliot E, Zannad F Abnormal transesophageal Doppler coronary flow reserve in patients with cardiomyopathy: relationship to exercise capacity.
kaumna kateba jahi gaii katal, bakari muragi kini phuramai jeta dlsaim atma ghatl, itana kljama torai chati (8.
Scores of devotees had converged at the Chati Padshai Gurudwara.
The Hybrid OTT (HOTT) services provide Pay-TV Operators the ability to grow new audiences from the younger demographic that likes the freedom of OTT TV, while attracting audiences who still prefer linear content, says Tanuja Chati, Analyst for MRG, Inc.
The police said that a target killer was arrested in Pirabad area near Chati Hotel and 9-mm TT pistol was also recovered from his possession.
In Punjab it is the most desired drink , Especially in Villages , still if guests come , the Host prefer to serve them with Chati Ki Lassi instead of Soda Drinks.