Chattahoochee River

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Chat·ta·hoo·chee River

A river rising in northern Georgia and flowing about 700 km (435 mi) generally southwest then south to the Flint River on the Georgia-Florida border.
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Noun1.Chattahoochee River - a river rising in northern Georgia and flowing southwest and south to join the Flint River at the Florida border where they form the Apalachicola River
Empire State of the South, Georgia, Peach State, GA - a state in southeastern United States; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War
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In 2005, a team of fishery scientists from Duquesne University, the University of Georgia, and the National Park Service documented that 86 percent of fish identified as shoal bass in a Chattahoochee River tributary just upstream of Atlanta were genetically pure.
A Long and Bloody Task: The Atlanta Campaign From Dalton Through Kennesaw Mountain to the Chattahoochee River, May 5-July 18, 1864
5 million Proctor Creek Greenway, a seven-mile bike and pedestrian trail spanning from Maddox Park to the Chattahoochee River.
During half-time at the Winship Academy football game, one of the cheerleaders, beautiful and popular Brittany Montague, dressed in the grotesque wildcat mascot costume, throws herself off a bridge into the surging Chattahoochee River.
18) The Chattahoochee River originates in Helen, Georgia (north of Atlanta) and flows 436 miles southwestward, mostly along the Alabama-Georgia state line, until emptying into Lake Seminole in the Florida panhandle.
On May 15, 2016, 13-year-old Charles Patchen landed one of the biggest freshwater fish ever caught in the Sunshine State while fishing the Chattahoochee River in Jackson County.
Located off Wildwood Parkway near Powers Ferry Road, Abbington is an intimate setting of just 44 luxury townhomes on an ideal site which offers sweeping views over the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area.
Atlanta was experiencing astounding growth, and, after several studies showed the need for action, Marcia worked tirelessly with lawmakers to create the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area.
She was also constantly plotting her escape from the suffocating 1950s suburban life and training for it by camping in caves by the Chattahoochee River and testing her self-taught outdoor skills.
Fresh waterways, particularly our local Chattahoochee River, supply our main ingredient--water--making up 90 percent of our beer," said Mr.
At right, abandoned cars at I-75 headed northbound near the Chattahoochee River overpass are piled up in the median of the ice-covered interstate after a winter snow storm, Wed.
The cotton textile industry once fueled the economy of Grantville and the other towns in Coweta County, where a stretch of Interstate 85 is named the Alan Jackson Highway, for the country singer who grew up in nearby Newnan and wrote the 1993 hit song about the Chattahoochee River.

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