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 (chăt′ər-tən), Thomas 1752-1770.
British poet who fooled scholars by ascribing his poetry to a 15th-century monk, Thomas Rowley. Unable to support himself by writing, Chatterton became dejected and took his own life at age 17. His work and example influenced the romantic poets.


(Biography) Thomas. 1752–70, British poet; author of spurious medieval verse and prose: he committed suicide at the age of 17


(ˈtʃæt ər tən)

Thomas, 1752–70, English poet.
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Haydn grew up in an attic and Chatterton starved in one.
Well, you know, he may turn out a Byron, a Chatterton, a Churchill--that sort of thing--there's no telling," said Mr.
That nice young person who began life with a forgery, and ended it by a suicide--your dear, romantic, interesting Chatterton.
Fortunately, Rangers found the perfect response, with Knight and Chatterton releasing Johnathan Tinker to create the position for Knight to kick perfectly ahead for former Giants favourite Paul Reilly to race through and score.
Shadow Divers: The True Adventure of Two Americans Who Risked Everything to Solve One of the Last Mysteries of World War II (*** Sept/Oct 2004), about a German World War II U-boat that had sunk off the coast of New Jersey, introduced John Chatterton, one of the men featured in his newest book.
In works such as Craishes Herauldry, Account of the Family of the De Berghams from the Norman Conquest to this Time, and his Will, Chatterton invents elaborate genealogies and heraldic arms for himself and his middle-class Bristol friends.
He and Brian Chatterton of the University of Alberta in Edmonton describe the fossil in the Sept.
For two thirds of the book, we are in the company of history's most celebrated literary forgers, James Macpherson, Thomas Chatterton, the Shakespearean William Henry Ireland, the Victorian Thomas Griffiths Wainewright, and several more.
Caroline Chatterton arrived at Sheffield Hallam University, UK, in September 1998 having messed up her A-levels and feeling a failure.
10) but Chatterton never seems to run a bad race at Dundalk and Balmont Blast also has pleasing course form.
Arnold Chatterton, President and CEO; Walter Bennett, Vice President of Underwriting; Tom Scherff, Vice President of Claims, Government Relations and Franchise Markets; Gray Tyndall, Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer; Rads Mydam, Vice President of Technology and Chief Information Officer.
Gary Chatterton, 24, had been on an all-day drinking session when he molested his victim in Wood Street, early on March 10 last year.