n.1.A street seller of ballads and other broadsides.
2.A deceitful, tricky dealer or horse jockey.
He was a horse chaunter; he's a leg now.
- Dickens.
3.The flute of a bagpipe. See Chanter, n., 3.
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Further confirming their identity, the accounts for 1568 also record a visit 'to speke with mr Chaunter for shepertes boyes'; following Dutka, Rastall identifies 'mr Chaunter' as Sir John Genson, precentor of Chester Cathedral.
A scenic chaunter through the trees, steadily puffing up the 700-feet incline, with table service from the attentive restaurant staff.
As the contemporary comment suggests, pub-based performances from this ear drew on the well-practised techniques of the street ballad singer, whose craft of some centuries persisted among the hawkers or chaunters still contesting the hubbub of the modern street in their assertive appeals to a less than captive audience.