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n.1.(Zool.) a lynxlike animal of Asia and Africa (Lynx Lybicus).
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17) per share in cash for the stock not held by the Chaus family.
Women's clothing company Bernard Chaus Inc (OTCBB:CHBD) has received a "going private" offer from Camuto Consulting Inc, the company disclosed on Friday.
Josephine Chaus, Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer of Bernard Chaus, Inc, US, said, "We are very pleased to expand the long and cooperative relationship we have had with China Ting.
On the basis of the received results a comprehensive range of new-patented as-cast HSS with the wide choice of improved structures and properties for cast cutting tool applications have been designed (Gelin & Chaus, 2007).
Joanna Chau looks around her recently expanded restaurant.
Bernard Chaus plans to use this space as general, executive and administrative offices, as well as a showroom.
In addition, Chaus has entered into a memorandum of understanding with shareholders, Kenneth Braun and Barry Berkowitz, to settle their litigation against the previous transaction.
Chaus signed a Nautica license in 1995 and began deliveries in August 1996.
The offer targets the shareholders of Bernard Chaus, apart from the Chaus family, China Ting Group and Camuto itself.