Chavez Frias

Cha•vez Fri•as

(ˈtʃɑ veɪs ˈfri ɑs)
Hugo Rafael, born 1954, president of Venezuela since 1999.
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Today, Venezuela is more sovereign than ever with the emancipation achieved by the Bolivarian socialist revolution led by our great leader Hugo Chavez Frias.
I am the first Chavista president after Hugo Chavez Frias, and I will fulfill his legacy to protect the poor, to protect our independence.
I am deeply saddened to learn of the untimely demise of His Excellency President Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias.
beaucoup moins que]Avec la disparition du president Hugo Chavez Frias, le peuple venezuelien a perdu un homme d'Etat qui a voue sa vie au service de son pays et combattu pour la dignite de son peuple.
At the same time the media, at the service of the internal reaction and imperialist interests, has worked non-stop to damage the image of the Bolivarian revolution and, in particular, the image of its leader, President Hugo Chavez Frias.
In compliance with the determinations of our Commander President Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias, and the implementation of the air transport policies by Minister Elsa Gutierrez, the new Embraer aircraft will allow us to interconnect national and international destinations at a regional level, with much more quality , said Cesar Martinez Ruiz, President of Conviasa.
10) When asked "How would you evaluate the actions taken by Hugo Chavez Frias for the welfare of the country?
In December 1998, Hugo Chavez Frias won the presidency on a campaign for broad reform, constitutional change, and a crackdown on corruption.
Joseba Achutegui, as extraordinary, plenipotentiary and non-resident ambassador of President Hugo Chavez Frias of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the Sultanate.
Rosines Chavez Rodriguez, the daughter of Marisabel Rodriguez Oropeza of Caracas, Venezuela, and Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias of The Hague, Netherlands, was married Saturday evening to Che Aaron "From the High Mountain" Apari Berenson, the son of Lori Helene Berenson and Anibal Apari Sanchez of New York City.
El ultimo articulo, "De la descentralizacion a la 'nueva geometria del poder"' esta suscrito por Catalina Banko, quien interpreta la dinamica de la politica actual en Venezuela, poniendo enfasis en la gestion del presidente Hugo Chavez Frias, asi como en la reorganizacion territorial aprobada con referendo popular del 2 de diciembre de 2007.
IN AN AUGUST address carried by flat on all of the nation's television channels, Venezuela's authoritarian president, Hugo Chavez Frias, who had previously hijacked the airwaves to celebrate his own birthday, turned his country's attention to more urgent matters.