Cheek tooth

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(Anat.) a hinder or molar tooth.

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042 (mean [+ or -] SD) indicating higher lingual cusp edges on the right cheek tooth row.
The lingual cusp heights were measured on both cheek tooth rows in 84 Finnish adult moose skulls previously checked for rostral orientation.
M/2 (ET 5399); partial cheek tooth (ET 5400); tooth plate (ET 5401); tooth plate (ET 5402); deciduous P/4 (ET 5433).
Cheek tooth fragment (ET 5403); cheek tooth fragment (ET 5404); cheek tooth fragment (ET 5405); cheek tooth fragment (ET 5406); cheek tooth fragment (ET 5407); partial R.
Three dozen thin instruments made of animal tooth enamel, plus seven needles made of the upper cheek tooth enamel of a rhinoceros sub-species now extinct, were also found.
Material--OMNH 74679, one-half of upper molar; 74691, extremely worn remnant of an upper cheek tooth with root bases; 74680, cervical vertebra; 74681, lumbar vertebra; 74682, partial right innominate.