harvest mite

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harvest mite


harvest mite


harvest tick

(Animals) the bright red parasitic larva of any of various free-living mites of the genus Trombicula and related genera, which causes intense itching of human skin


(ˈtʃɪg ər)

1. Also called harvest mite. the six-legged, bloodsucking larva of a mite of the family Trombiculidae, parasitic on vertebrates.
2. chigoe.
[1735–45, Amer.; variant of chigoe]
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Noun1.harvest mite - larval mite that sucks the blood of vertebrates including human beings causing intense irritation
trombiculid - mite that as nymph and adult feeds on early stages of small arthropods but whose larvae are parasitic on terrestrial vertebrates
genus Trombicula, Trombicula - type genus of the family Trombiculidae
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