a.1.(Chem.) Of, pertaining to, or derived from, the celandine.
Chelidonic acid
a weak acid extracted from the celandine (Chelidonium majus), as a white crystalline substance.
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5 10 Name (batch number) Characteristic compounds (marker substances) Bitter candytuft (92064) Kaempferol-3,4-di-0-[beta]- glucopyranoside-7- O-[alpha]-rhamnopyranoside Peppermint (82115) Menthol Chamomile (82174) Bisabolol oxide A Liquorice (82130) Glycyrrhizic acid Angelica (92061) Osthole Caraway (82184) Carvone Milk thistle (92042) N-malonyltryptophan Lemon balm (82142) Rosmarinic acid Greater celandine (92043) Chelidonic acid (a) Plant names have been checked on: http://www.
With this new option from the patient, we started with an additional therapy known as Ukrain, a natural chemotherapeutic agent made from the modified alkaloid chelidonic acid, with selective cytotoxicity to cancer cells.
The root bark is also a source of vitamin C (citric acid), and contains chelidonic, malic and tartaric acids.