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Noun1.Chelifer - a genus of Chelonethida
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
book scorpion, Chelifer cancroides - minute arachnid sometimes found in old papers
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For example, the cosmopolitan Chelifer cancroides (Linnaeus 1758) has been collected from colonies of Apis mellifera Linnaeus as well as from mammal and bird nests, and even human constructions (e.
Species Bee host/conunensal CHELIFERIDAE APIDAE: APINI Chelifer cancroides Apis mellilera Linnaeus (Linnaeus 1758) 1758 (1) Ellingsenius fulleri A.
The type species Chelifer modiglianii Ellingsen 1911 was originally named from specimens collected in Sumatra (Ellingsen 1911), and later recorded from Malaysia (Beier 1967a).
Beier (1932, 1933) recorded three blades in the cheliceral flagellum in Chelifer modiglianii, and accordingly placed his new genus Sundochernes in the tribe Chernetini which was based primarily upon the number of cheliceral blades.
tamaulipensis, we also found two deutonymphs of the cosmopolitan species Chelifer cancroides (Linnaeus 1758) sharing the same habitat.
2 albigula 5 1 albigula 5 1 palatina 7 5 Chelifer cancroides micropus 5 1 Chthonius tetrachelatus floridana 10 1 Dinocheirus astutus Hoff 1956 albigula ?
indicus have been compared with the holotype of Chelifer indicus deposited in Zoological Museum in Copenhagen and the description given by With (1906).
ECUADOR: As Chelifer (Atemnus) elongatus: by Guayaquil, June 1901, Ortoneda leg.
PAPUA NEW GUINEA: As Chelifer (Atemnus) javanus: Bismarck Archipelago, Fr.
As Chelifer (5 Anatemnus) orites: BURMA (MYANMAR): Thenasserim, Plapoo, Fea leg.
Notes on the life history of the pseudoscorpion Chelifer cancroides (Linn.