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 (chĕl-yo͞o′skĭn, chĭ-lyo͞o′-), Cape
A cape of north-central Russia on the Taymyr Peninsula. It is Asia's northernmost point.


(Russian tʃɪˈljuskin)
(Placename) Cape Chelyuskin a cape in N central Russia, in N Siberia at the end of the Taimyr Peninsula: the northernmost point of Asia


(tʃɛlˈyʊs kɪn)

Cape, a cape in the N Russian Federation in Asia, on the Taimyr Peninsula: the northernmost point of the Asia mainland.
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On one voyage in 1933, his ship Chelyuskin sank off Siberia, and the crew built a makeshift airstrip on the shifting sea ice--that had to be rebuilt 13 times--to allow them to be airlifted to safety.
The most important for its long-range effects was the Chelyuskin disaster, where an icebreaker attempting to round the north coast of Russia was crushed in the ice and its crew marooned in the Arctic in March 1934.
Semeon Chelyuskin and Dmitriy and Khariton Laptev) and their activities, most of the other detachments are totally overlooked.