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Noun1.decomposition reaction - (chemistry) separation of a substance into two or more substances that may differ from each other and from the original substance
chemical science, chemistry - the science of matter; the branch of the natural sciences dealing with the composition of substances and their properties and reactions
chemical reaction, reaction - (chemistry) a process in which one or more substances are changed into others; "there was a chemical reaction of the lime with the ground water"
electrolysis - (chemistry) a chemical decomposition reaction produced by passing an electric current through a solution containing ions
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Bio-oil is produced by "fast pyrolysis," or chemical decomposition of plant matter using high heat.
In 2000 OSHA fined Celanese for an accident involving uncontrolled chemical decomposition leading to a fatality in Alabama.
This word, which we previously noted as among the longest elemental words formed with two-letter symbols, is also a chemistry term, meaning "susceptibilities to chemical decomposition upon the application of heat".
This makes the material highly vulnerable to environmental degradation and ultimately leads to their chemical decomposition, especially when in contact with water.
The fibres become more fragile after being exposed to heat, stress or damage and the fibres are resistant to chemical decomposition and biological action.
tearing, burning, melting, chemical decomposition, burying, pulping, pulverizing, shredding, or mutilation).
Their uniformity and resistance to chemical decomposition lead to high long-term fracture conductivity.
The high heat of the salt may cause chemical decomposition of the solution, creating the need to replace the solution at relatively short intervals.

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